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Michigan Public Land Auction

General Information

If you are unfamiliar with the tax sale process, please view our frequently asked questions.

Public Act 123 of 1999 dramatically reformed the method by which Michigan County Governments manage tax-delinquent real-estate.

Under prior law, liens on parcels were offered to private investors at the annual May tax sale. Property owners were then subject to foreclosure of these liens and ultimately the loss of their property. Those property liens not purchased by private investors (usually the less desirable properties) ultimately reverted directly to the State of Michigan, which processed them and sold them at regional 'scavenger sales' held by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Under the new law, the sale of liens has been replaced by direct foreclosure to the County Treasurer, or to the State of Michigan if the County 'opts out' of participating in the process. The properties are then sold by deed at auction.

For investors and buyers this system eliminates the uncertainty of predicting which property owners will redeem their parcels from lien sale. At the new land auctions the high bidder is awarded a deed to the parcel, and all of the previous complications involving tax lien foreclosure are removed.

12 Michigan counties 'opted out' of the new system, and the sale of lands foreclosed by these county treasurers is being handled by the Michigan Department of Treasury. Information regarding land sales in these counties can be obtained on the Michigan Department of Treasury auction webpage.

Title Check, LLC which acts as the authorized representative in foreclosure for 56 of the 83 counties in Michigan, currently acts as the liquidation agent for 52 Michigan counties. Parcels which will be offered on behalf of these counties can be viewed on this website.

There are at least 2 annual sale dates for these parcels, with the first sale requiring a minimum bid to purchase the lands. This minimum bid consists of the property taxes for which the parcel reverted, as well as accrued interest, penalties, and other costs associated with the foreclosure process. This minimum bid auction takes place at a date not earlier than July at the discretion of the seller. The second auction, which takes place at least 28 days after the reserve auction, is an absolute sale, where the highest bidder becomes the buyer with no minimum bid requirement.

In a few counties the auctions are only held locally, and there is no method for online bidding. We can, however accept .absentee bids. verbally with the proper identification and deposit.

In most auctions however, the buyers 'on the floor' bid in real-time against buyers from around the world via online live auctions.

All of the property information we have available is listed on this site. If you need additional information, please contact the local assessor for the City/Village/Township the property is located in. We do not have lot sizes, property condition reports, maps or other similar detail beyond what is already listed on this site.

Online Sale Information
A number of the counties affiliated with Title Check, LLC have authorized sale of parcels via internet bidding as a parallel method to the on-site 'live' auctions. In these instances, internet bids will be taken at the same time as the live auction through our website.

In order to bid online:

1.) You must register on our site.
2.) You must have a valid credit card with $1000.00 USD available to post as a deposit.

You will be required to pre-authorize a $1,000 charge against a major credit card prior to being allowed to bid on-line even if you are a prior customer. If you are not the successful bidder in any online sales, there will be no charge to your account. BE ADVISED the authorization may take 30-60 days to self-expire. (Debit card users BE AWARE, holds are released by your bank!) We do not (and can not) release any holds on credit cards.

The pre-authorization must be placed not more than 30 days prior to the sale date. One authorization is acceptable for all auctions occurring within 30 days of its placement.

In addition to the winning bid amount, internet bidders pay a 13% BUYER PREMIUM, with a 3% discount for payment by cash, check, money order, bank, cashiers, or travellers check. There is also a $10 fee for PROCESSING AND RECORDING OF THE DEED for each parcel.

If you fail to complete the transaction for any reason, your credit card will be charged the amount of $1000 which will be forfeited as a non-refundable deposit (regardless of the purchase amount of the auction parcel(s) bid on), and you will be banned from future bidding. heard almost every imaginable excuse from bidders that get .Buyer's Remorse.. Be aware that there are NO exceptions to this deposit forfeiture rule. If you .bid on the wrong parcel. or change your mind. you still bought it!

Be prepared to pay or do not bid!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Michigan Law gives County Treasurers the right to pursue legal action against bidders who refuse to complete transactions. This may include (but not be limited to) suit to compel completion of the sale, and/or criminal charges of fraud or other intentional act.