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Michigan Public Land Auction

Registering ON SITE

Persons bidding at the auction site will be required to register using a current valid drivers license or other photo ID. You are responsible for all purchases made under your registration.

If you are a successful bidder, you will be required to pay the first $1000 of combined purchases in cash, certified funds, bank checks or other non-cancellable/clearance required methods. Money orders and Travellers Checks are NOT acceptable for the first $1000, as they can be cancelled/reported "lost".

The balance of the purchase price may be paid by any negotiable instrument (personal or business checks, money orders, Travellers Checks, credit cards).

There are no terms offered. All payments must be made in full on the date of sale within 30 minutes of the closing of the sale.

In addition to the winning bid amount, bidders pay a 13% BUYER PREMIUM, with a 3% discount for payment by cash, check, money order, bank, cashiers, or travellers check. There is also a $10 fee for PROCESSING AND RECORDING OF THE DEED for each parcel.

Please make your funds payable to "Title Check LLC Customer Escrow Account". If you are not successful in bidding, you can endorse these items as "not used as intended" and re-deposit them to your bank account.

If your purchases are less than $1000 and you are paying by a method other than cash, the difference will be refunded to you on the day of sale by cash (if available) or by a check from our escrow account.

Please do not expect us to take a check for the entire purchase price. No deposit, NO SALE!

We strongly discourage buyers from carrying large amounts of cash to auctions. We cannot be responsible for thefts or loss arising from such activity.

If your check or other payment is not honored by your bank, your $1000 deposit is forfeited. There are no refunds, and no cancellations of sales !

Please KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING and rely on your own personal visit to each property you bid on. We cannot be responsible for errors in listed street addresses or photos. Please check with local assessors for property information and check the measurements and property cards against the posted information.