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Michigan Public Land Auction

Pre Bidding Audience Instruction

Ask questions at any point. Feel free to ask questions about specific properties as they are presented. IF we have any knowledge of them we will share it with you. Many times other audience members have information they are willing to share.

1. This property is tax reverted. Most of it is here for a reason. Please be careful what you buy.

2. We have made our best efforts to identify these parcels with photos and/or maps, but we are not surveyors. You are buying property by the legal description ONLY.

3. Payment today MUST have a $1000 non-refundable deposit in cash or certified funds. Money orders are NOT certified funds. You may pay the balance by check, money order, certified funds or credit card.

4. All sales MUST be paid for within 1/2 hour of the end of the auction. There are NO time payment plans available.

5. There is a 13% Buyer Premium, with a 3% discount for non-credit payment methods.

6. You agree to the terms and conditions of the sale, as printed in the book.

7. There are NO refunds, sale cancellations or other revocations available to the buyer.

8. The Treasurer has the right to cancel any sale up to the time of the delivery of the deed, for any reason.

9. On certain properties, the IRS has a right to redeemed them until JULY 31st. If they redeem, you will receive a full refund.

10. Deeds will be prepared and executed by the Treasurer within 30 days. They will then be sent to the Register of Deeds for recording. It may take the Registers office additional time to image them and return them to you. It varies greatly from County to County.

11. You will be charged $10 PER PARCEL for preparing and recording the deed. They will be mailed to you after recording.

12. Your receipt today will act as your temporary authority to take possession of the property. We STRONGLY advise purchasers not to expend substantial amounts of money improving the property until the deed is delivered. However you are urged to take any necessary steps to insure, secure and reduce hazards at the property for your protection immediately.

13. Sale is by QUIT CLAIM DEED, which vests the interest obtained by the Treasurer through tax foreclosure. Most Title Insurers will require further steps before issuing title insurance. For more information, please contact Tom Willard at 1-800-259-7470.


SEVERED MINERAL RIGHTS (where the minerals were .split. and sold to another party) are NOT included with parcels subject to high court review of pending litigation.

SPLITTING PARCELS into smaller sub-parcels which do not meet zoning requirements for minimum lot size or dimension is NOT allowed, and deeds will contain a reverter clause prohibiting this activity. Parcels are also subject to the Michigan Subdivision Control Act and the Michigan Right to Farm Act, as well as other zoning and use regulations.

PERSONAL PROPERTY (Furniture, autos, clothing etc) which is on the property is NOT titled in the Treasurer, and is NOT sold to you. You must make reasonable efforts to locate former owners and advise them that you consider it abandon and give them a deadline to remove it.

MOBILE HOMES are sometimes titled separate from the land and could have unrecorded liens or owners that were not part of the action in foreclosing the land. These are considered personal property (see above) if separately titled and are not sold to you.

CONTAMINATION may have occurred on some parcels. It is your obligation as a buyer to determine if a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) should be performed to protect your investment. You generally have 45 DAYS to obtain a BEA and avoid any potential liability for past contamination.

WETLANDS are identified where known and obvious. You should, again, obtain professional consultation if the purchased lands have wetlands indicators and you intend to develop them in any way.

OCCUPANTS must be treated like .tenants-holding-over. (with no lease) and must be legally evicted. Removing them without Court assistance could get you into trouble with the law .

CONDO UNITS are NOT .land.. They are a right to use a defined area as well as common elements. They are often UNBUILT and can be upper floors in non-existing buildings. BE CAREFUL. They are subject to development master deed requirements and ASSOCIATION FEES. Be VERY aware when bidding on something called a .unit..


Floor bidders MUST bid in the same increments as online bidders. We will not accept odd bid increments in fairness to online bidders!

$100 to $999$50.00
$1000 to $9999$100.00
Over $10,000$250.00

NO "$1" BIDS.