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Michigan Public Land Auction
General Terms and Conditions For Online Bidders
See the bidder rules for each specific event. If there are any discrepancies between this set of terms and conditions and the set listed for a specific auction, the locally mandated floor rules supercede these rules.
You are agreeing to these terms--please read and understand them.
These are properties that have been foreclosed by the County Treasurer. Title Check, LLC is acting as the authorized representative of the Treasurer pursuant to a contract which is authorized by Michigan law.
This property has NOT been visually inspected by Title Check, LLC or the County Treasurer. Any photos, information, comments, maps or notations presented (other than the legal description) are NOT guaranteed to be correct, but are accurate to the best of our knowledge.
The information you will find on is ALL of the information we have available on these parcels. We have not inspected these parcels. If you have interest in a parcel we STRONGLY suggest either making your own inspection or contacting a local inspection service.
The low bid estimate displayed on our online bidding interface is the starting (minimum) bid as required under Michigan law, if one applies. The high bid estimate is the SEV. The SEV (State Equalized Value) is not a definite indicator of actual market value and should not be the sole criteria used when evaluating potential purchases. Do so at your own risk. Title Check, LLC is not responsible for incorrect County assessments.
The properties are sold by their legal description only.. Be sure to read and understand it. The presence of an address for a parcel does NOT assure there is a building on it. A photo which appears to include improvements may NOT be accurate. Our property inspectors are NOT surveyors and we CANNOT guarantee any information other than the legal description and parcel ID number provided.
You can usually get information on parcels by contacting the local assessor. Parcels which are platted (subdivided) have maps which can be seen here.
Purchasers receive a Quit Claim deed.
Contact Title Check, LLC (269) 226-2600 to purchase title insurance.
Severed mineral rights are not tax foreclosed and are not included with the lands sold.
 1. Registration
In order to bid on these parcels you must be a registered user of our online bidding interface.
Go to and find the sale in which you are interested. You then apply to be pre-approved and request a spending limit (the default is $10,000).
You will then also need to register on and provide identification information as well as detail related to taking title to the property in the event you are a successful bidder.
New customers will be required to provide a credit card pre-authorization in the amount of $1000 USD before they will be approved. We then review your application and authorized bidding limit request, and activate your bidder status or contact you with any questions we have.
If you are the successful bidder on any parcel(s)s, we will charge your credit card the combined transaction amount(s) up to $1000.
WARNING : You are providing us with a pre-authorized credit card DEPOSIT of $1,000 USD. If you are a winning bidder and refuse or fail to complete the transactions for ANY reason within 10 days of the auction, you will FORFEIT your deposit as well as ANY right to complete the transaction as liquidated damages for non-performance. We will view any effort at charge-backs to recover deposits by deadbeat bidders to constitute fraud and will pursue legal remedies as necessary. (We hate to sound evil--we're not.We are VERY tired of dealing with deadbeat bidders and intend to collect that which is owed.)
If you are NOT a successful bidder, we will release the pre-authorization on your credit card within 72 hours, however the card issuer may take longer to complete the release. We cannot be responsible for their expediency in releasing pre-authorizations.
 2. Properties Offered
The attached list of County Treasurer owned properties being offered, identified by sale unit numbers, have been approved for sale at public auction by the County Treasurer. The County Treasurer reserves the right to pull parcels from the sale at any time prior to the auction. According to state statutes, ALL PRIOR liens (other than IRS liens), encumbrances and taxes are cancelled by Circuit Court Order. The County Treasurer has attempted to include in the minimum bid, liens that have accrued since foreclosure, such as nuisance or water bills; all other outstanding bills since foreclosure are the responsibility of the buyer. These properties are subject to any state, county, or local zoning or building ordinances. The County Treasurer does not guarantee the usability or access to any of these lands.
It is the responsibility of the prospective purchaser to do their own research as to the use of the land for their intended purpose and to make a personal inspection of the property on the ground to determine if it will be suitable for the purposes for which it is being purchased. The County Treasurer makes neither representations nor claims as to fitness for purpose, ingress/egress, conditions, covenants, or restrictions. Occupied structures may not be entered without the tenant's permission, secured vacant structures may not be entered.
All offered properties may be subject to flooding. Any new construction or reconstruction should be elevated above the 100-year flood plan. Also, any filling, dredging, or other permanent construction below the ordinary high-water mark of the water body involved may be subject to the provisions of 1972 Public Act 346. Any earth change on the property may be subject to the provisions of 1972 Public Act 347. These properties may also be subject to the Goemaere-Anderson Wetland Protection Act, 1979, Public Act 203.
 3. Starting Bid Price
The starting bid prices are shown on the list. No sales with minimum bids can be made for less than the starting price indicated. The starting bids for no minimum bid sales will be at the discretion of the auctioneer.
 4. Bidding
The registered bidder is PERSONALLY responsible, legally and financially for all parcels bid upon whether representing one's self or acting as an agent. Each sale unit will be offered separately and in the order appearing on the list. Each sale will be awarded to the individual bidding the highest amount bid, equal to or greater than the starting bid. An online bid accepted at public auction is a legal and binding contract to purchase. No sealed bids will be accepted and the County Treasurer reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
 5. Terms of Sale
The full purchase price must be paid on the day of the sale (if bid on the floor) or within 10 days (if an internet bid). Payment may be made with cashier's check, money order, wire transfer, or other guaranteed funds.
See the floor bidder rules at to see if personal checks will be accepted for this specific auction. (Click on the auction name in the left panel, then click the Rules and Regulations link in the left panel.)
The purchase price consists of the final bid price, plus a 13% buyer's premium + a $10.00 processing fee (per parcel). There is a 3% discount on the buyers premium when paying by cash, check (if allowed in this specific sale, as per the floor rules) or wire transfer.
All deposits, pre-authorized credit amounts, monies paid and all properties bid upon will be forfeited if the purchaser fails to consummate any part of any purchase. The County Treasurer may prosecute any purchaser who fails to consummate a purchase. Any bidder who fails to consummate a purchase will be banned from bidding at all future land auctions.
In any disputes or matters involving online bidding or purchaces, the venue for litigation or arbitration shall be fixed as being Kalamazoo County, State of Michigan.
Payments should be made payable to Title Check LLC, and will be held in our Customer Funds (escrow) account before being remitted to the County Treasurer in settlement of the transaction.
No purchases can be made on a time-payment plan.
The County Treasurer reserves the right to cancel ANY sale, at ANY time.

 6. Purchase Receipts
Successful bidders at the sale will be emailed a receipt for their purchases, upon payment. Purchasers will be entitled to deeds for the property descriptions identified by the assigned sale unit numbers noted on the receipts.
 7. Title Being Conveyed
Quit-claim deeds will be issued conveying only such title as received by the County Treasurer through tax foreclosure. Title insurance companies may or may not issue title insurance on properties purchased at this sale. The County Treasurer makes no representation as to the availability of title insurance and the Unavailability of title insurance is not a grounds for reconveyance to the County Treasurer.
The purchaser may incur legal costs for Quiet Title Action to satisfy the requirements of title insurance companies in order to obtain title insurance. Contact Title Check, LLC - 269-226-2600 for information regarding title insurance.
The property is subject to the rights NOT extinguished by the circuit courts foreclosure judgement pursuant to MCL 211.78k(5), including future installments of special assessments, visible or recorded easements or encroachments, private deed restrictions, and liens or other governmental interests imposed pursuant to the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, Act 451 of the Public Acts of 1998, as amended.
 8. Special Assessments
Special assessments through tax year 2004 are included in the starting bids. We have identified those parcels with known special assessments with a note on the parcel detail page. All bidders should contact city or township offices to determine if there are any outstanding bonded assessments for future tax years on the properties being offered.
 9. Possession of Property
We recommend that no purchaser take physical possession of any property bid upon at this sale until a deed has been executed and delivered to the purchaser. No activities should be conducted on the site other than a baseline environmental assessment to contaminated properties.
However, steps should be taken to protect your equity in this property by securing vacant structures against entry and obtaining (homeowners) insurance for occupied property. Buyers will be responsible for all procedures and legal requirements for conducting evictions. Additionally, buyers are responsible for contacting local units of government to prevent possible demolition of structures situated on parcels.
10. Conditions
The purchaser accepts the premises in its present "as is" condition, and releases the County Treasurer and employees and agents from all liability whatsoever arising from any condition of the premises, whether now known or subsequently discovered, including but not limited to all claims based on environmental contamination of the premises.
A person who acquires property that is contaminated (a "facility" pursuant to Section 20201(1)(1) of Natural Resources and Environmental Act (NREPA), 1994 P.A. 451, as amended) as a result of release(s) of a hazardous substance(s) may become liable for all costs of cleaning up the property and any other properties impacted by the release(s). Liability may be imposed upon the person acquiring the property even in the absence of any personal responsibility for, or knowledge of, the release. Protection from such liability may be obtained by conducting a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) as provided for under Section 20126(1) (c) of NREPA. However, the BEA must be conducted prior to or within 45 days of the earliest date of purchase or occupancy of the property. Persons who acquire contaminated property may have "due care" obligations under Section 20107a of NREPA even if they conduct a BEA and are not liable for the contamination.
Pursuant to part 201 of NREPA, the person(s) responsible for an activity causing a release at the property is obligated to pursue response activities at the property. Consequently, the non-liable purchaser may be required to provide access to the liable party to conduct response activities at the property in the future. Section 20116 of the NREPA requires that a person who has knowledge that their property is contaminated provide a written notice to the purchaser or other person to whom the property is transferred which discloses the general nature and extent of the release. Additional disclosure obligations may also apply at the time the property, or an interest in the property, is transferred. Accordingly, the County Treasurer recommends that a person who is interested in acquiring surplus County property contact an attorney or an environmental consultant for advice prior to the acquisition of any surplus County property that may be contaminated.
11. Deeds
Deeds will be executed within 30 days. It will be the responsibility of the County Treasurer to record the deeds and remit them to the purchaser after completion of recording by the Register of Deeds.
12. Property Taxes
All property taxes that became due and payable after March 31 of this calendar year will be the responsibility of the purchaser.