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Michigan Public Land Auction



Welcome to the website!


We have begun posting auction properties to our website in the counties where the data has become available.  Please remember, the lists posted online at this time are considered to be VERY TENTATIVE lists in many instances; and many parcels may be added, removed, or bundled over the next few months prior to auction.  The State and local units of government have the "first right" to acquire property for public purpose prior to auction date.


Signs are posted on property when we visit them to photograph and document them. It may be several days after signs appear before there is information about the property available on this website. If you see a sign but do not find information here yet, please be patient and check back in a day or two. Please note that the office staff has no more information than what is posted here.


Also, NEW to this year we have added a Facebook page which will feature some of our best properties, and allow potential buyers to ask questions about them, and receive answers.  This link can be found at:


We also have an improved Pre-Registration system that will allow on-site buyers to Pre-Register prior to the auction, and input their deed information fields for various deed sets to customized grantees.  This will speed up the check-in/check-out process for on-site buyers, and help to expedite the auction process.  Please utilize the upgraded online Pre-Registration process to cut your check-in/check-out time in half!

Thank you for your patience!


A reminder 

It is illegal to enter buildings to "inspect" them, even if they are already open. Treasurers can and WILL prosecute anyone caught breaking and entering properties to "inspect" them.



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