Saint Joseph/Branch

Tuesday August 28th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Sturgis-Young Civic Auditorium

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Lot 1100

Branch: Lot 1100

Two Story Home On Factoryville Road In Athens... Sold for $45,000.00
Lot 1101

Branch: Lot 1101

Small Home In Poor Condition On Chippewa Dr I... Sold for $2,400.00
Lot 1103

Branch: Lot 1103

Two Story Home In Poor Condition On W Union R... Minimum Bid: $1,300.00
Lot 1104

Branch: Lot 1104

Large Two Story Home On Arbogast Rd In Union ... Sold for $16,000.00
Lot 1106

Branch: Lot 1106

Large Lot With Multiple Buildings On Annin Rd... Sold for $10,750.00
Lot 1108

Branch: Lot 1108

Multiple Buildings On North Briggs Rd In Quin... Sold for $36,250.00
Lot 1110

Branch: Lot 1110

Two Story Home On Small Channel Of " Lake Of ... Sold for $80,500.00
Lot 1111

Branch: Lot 1111

Single Wide Mobile Home With Garage On Navajo... Sold for $2,100.00
Lot 1112

Branch: Lot 1112

One Story Home On The Corner Of Sherman St An... Sold for $43,000.00
Lot 1113

Branch: Lot 1113

Two Story Home On N Douglas St In Bronson. Sold for $5,500.00