Monday August 13th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Ellison Place

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Lot 5603

Oscoda: Lot 5603

1/2 Acre Parcel Near Cedar Valley Golf Commun... Minimum Bid: $1,100.00
Lot 5605

Oscoda: Lot 5605

Old Trailers On 75X66 Foot Parcel At Hill Set... Sold for $550.00
Lot 5609

Oscoda: Lot 5609

Large Home With Several Mancaves. Mio Area! Sold for $81,500.00
Lot 5612

Oscoda: Lot 5612

Cute Little Vertical Log Home With A Baaaaad ... Minimum Bid: $5,000.00
Lot 5613

Oscoda: Lot 5613

Bundle Of Garland Association Properties Minimum Bid: $2,300.00