Monday November 5th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Online Only

This sale will be conducted entirely online! You can find more information about the second round online auction process here.
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Lot 1404

Cass: Lot 1404

Vacant Lot In Niles. May Be Landlocked. Sold for $100.00
Lot 1411

Cass: Lot 1411

Vacant Lot On Finch Rd In Marcellus. Sold for $550.00
Lot 1421

Cass: Lot 1421

Vacant Lot In Jones. Possibly Landlocked. Minimum Bid: $100.00
Lot 1429

Cass: Lot 1429

Two Story Home On The Corner Of Campelite St ... Sold for $950.00
Lot 1435

Cass: Lot 1435

Vacant Lot On Budlow St In Dowagiac. Sold for $150.00
Lot 1440

Cass: Lot 1440

Vacant Lot Near Long Lake In White Pigeon. Minimum Bid: $100.00
Lot 1445

Cass: Lot 1445

Single Wide Trailer Off M-51 In Dowagiac. Sold for $3,200.00
Lot 1448

Cass: Lot 1448

Vacant Lot Off Grove St In Dowagiac. Sold for $150.00
Lot 1454

Cass: Lot 1454

Vacant Lot On Grand Blvd In Dowagiac. Minimum Bid: $100.00
Lot 1462

Cass: Lot 1462

2 Story Home Off Telegraph St In Dowagiac. Sold for $2,100.00