Monday November 4th, 2019 at 12:00 pm Online Only - Bids must be placed by 5:00PM EST on Friday, Nov 1st

Bids must be submitted by 5:00pm EST on Friday, November 1st. Winners will be notified starting at 12:00pm EST on Monday, November 4th via Email.
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Lot 2103

Delta: Lot 2103

Swamplot On Mather Avenue. Gladstone. Minimum Bid: $100.00
Lot 2111

Delta: Lot 2111

Well Ventilated Summer House In Garden. Minimum Bid: $200.00
Lot 2113

Delta: Lot 2113

Bar And Restaurant Opportunity In Garden! Sold for $8,200.00
Lot 2115

Delta: Lot 2115

Vacant Commercial Parcel. Downtown Escanaba. Sold for $550.00
Lot 2122

Delta: Lot 2122

Mobile With Freeze Damaged Plumbing. Gladston... Sold for $2,100.00
Lot 2123

Delta: Lot 2123

3 Acres Of Manstuff. Gladstone Industrial Par... Minimum Bid: $100.00