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Lot 10778

Berrien: Lot 10778

Single Story Home On Paulmar Ave In St. Josep... Sold for $111,250.00
Lot 10784

Berrien: Lot 10784

Vacant Lot On Scottdale Rd In Berrien Springs Minimum Bid: $26,250.00
Lot 10800

Berrien: Lot 10800

6 Units In The Former New Harbor Condominiums Minimum Bid: $23,500.00
Lot 10806

Berrien: Lot 10806

Vacant Lot On East Empire Ave In Benton Harbo... Minimum Bid: $650.00
Lot 10859

Berrien: Lot 10859

Vacant Lot (Partial Road And Side Walk) In Be... Minimum Bid: $1,000.00